New DFG research group in photonics

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The German Research Foundation (DFG) is funding a new research group in photonics:

How cracks are formed

Lasers are a widely used tool in manufacturing technology that enables contactless and highly-automated joining of workpieces. One of the greatest difficulties in this process is that solidification cracks can occur in the weld seam, which is the area where the workpieces are joined together, and these cracks have a negative effect on the quality of the join itself. The processes behind how and why these cracks form are not yet fully understood. The aim of the research group ‘Erstarrungsrisse beim Laserstrahlschweißen: Hochleistungsrechnen für Hochleistungsprozesse’ (Solidification cracks in laser beam welding: high-performance computing for high-performance processes) is to gain a better understanding of how cracks form and thus improve the quality of lasers as tools and ultimately improve the quality of components. Prof. Dr. Michael Schmidt from the Chair of Photonic Technologies at FAU is speaker of the research group.

Further information: Prof. Dr. Michael Schmidt,