Dr. Ashton Egan

Humboldt Research Fellow

Ein Mann schaut lächelnd in die Kamera.. Er trägt einen schwarzen Hut, eine Brille und einen blauen Schal um den Hals.
Dr. Ashton Egan (Foto: privat)

My research areas

Nickel and Cobalt Based Superalloys, Electron Microscopy (SEM and S/TEM), Local Phase Transformation, Mechanical Deformation

Home University / Research Institute

The Ohio State University and the Center for Electron Microscopy and Analysis (CEMAS)

Host research group

Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Institute 1: General Materials Properties, and High Temperature Research Group – Prof. Dr. Mathias Göken and Dr.-Ing. Steffen Neumeier
Institute 9: Micro- and Nanostructure Research, and Center for Nanoanalysis and Electron Microscopy (CENEM) – Prof. Dr. Erdmann Spiecker

Research period at the Faculty of Engineering, FAU

May 1, 2024 – May 1, 2026

What is the focus of your research during your visit?

Dr. Ashton Egan: High Resolution Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy (HRSTEM) Images of Localized Phase Transformation in Nickel-based Superalloys”

The focus of my research is the design and multiscale characterization (using electron microscopy techniques) of new cobalt-based superalloys for high temperature applications, such as use in turbine engines. This design leverages a phenomenon called Local Phase Transformation Strengthening, whereby atomic scale phase formation at crystalline defects created under loading inhibits further deformation. Our goal is to increase the operating temperature regime of these alloys, leading to more sustainable turbine engines via reduced fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

I choose FAU because

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, and the Center for Nanoanalysis and Electron Microscopy (CENEM), have a strong history in alloy development and characterization of superalloys; their research efforts here are in line with my own, and there is a great infrastructure to support high temperature research and electron microscopy. CENEM is a world class facility with a vast breadth of complementary equipment and analytical characterization methods, ranging from the meso- to atomic scale, including the ability to conduct cutting edge Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy (STEM) research techniques.

Further information

Prof. Dr. Mathias Göken
Institute for General Materials Properties

Prof. Dr. Erdmann Spiecker
Institute of Micro- and Nanostructure Research