Head of junior research group status at FAU

3 people sit around a large suitcase with metal fasteners. The people are each working with both hands on a flying drone standing on the suitcase.

The FAU Head of junior research group (FAU-NGL) programme provides targeted support and visibility for excellent young researchers at FAU. Information on the programme and the requirements are listed on the website Head of junior research group status at FAU (FAU-NGL).

How the application process works at the faculty is shown on the TF Intranet under the tile “Procedures & Forms” / “FAU-NGL”.

2021 – Dr.-Ing. Silvia Budday

Research topic: Brain Mechanics Across Scales (BRAINIACS)

Dr. Silvia Budday

Our research deals with the mechanics of the brain. While mechanical aspects have been neglected for a long time in brain research, according to the latest findings, they play an important role in brain function. An exciting example is the distinctively folded structure of the human brain, which is essential for higher cognitive functions. We propose that mechanical forces contribute to the folds in the human brain, which originally has a smooth surface. By combining experimental methods, modelling and simulation, we are developing computer models to help diagnose diseases and optimise treatment methods.