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The dean’s office is the administrative unit of the Faculty and represents the interface to the University Administration and the Departments of the Faculty. The management and the employees of the dean’s office support the Faculty Management and the Faculty Board and prepare the decisions of the Faculty Council.

Contact persons in the dean’s office according to work area:

Faculty Administration


Deputy Management

Communication Management

Administration, Finance, Strategy, Construction, Appointment Matters, Committees, Data Management

Administration, Strategy and Finances, Construction


Corinna Gerl

Martensstr. 5a
91058 Erlangen

Secretary’s Office

Christine Herold

Martensstraße 5a
91058 Erlangen

Appointment Matters, Professorship Administration, Committees

Dina Kindelmann

Martensstraße 5a
91058 Erlangen

IT-Support and Data Management

Research and Young Researchers

Research and Young Researchers

Kerstin Stoltze

Martensstr. 5a
91058 Erlangen

Doctoral Affairs

Claudia Schwinn

Martensstraße 5a
91058 Erlangen

Mandy Weber

Martensstraße 5a
91058 Erlangen

Teaching and Studying

Study Organization, Study Program Development, Quality Management

Evaluation Coordinator

Room and Lesson Planning

Student Lifecycle Management

Student Information and Advice, Study Grants

Communication and Public Relations

Communication Management and Public Relations

Printed Materials

School Marketing

Office of the Women's Representative at the Faculty

Contacts and institutions

Contact with persons and institutions can be obtained via the websites of the individual institutions or via the

Contact information system