Month: July 2019

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FAU and MIT to collaborate even more closely The MIT Germany programme, a cooperation between FAU and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), promotes joint projects in research and teaching. One of these projects is the Global Teaching Labs, which Prof. Dr. Björn Eskofier from the Departm...

Category: General, Studying

Sunday at 5 am: While the sun has only just started rising, a group of students are already loading their cars with tools, cables, oil, brake fluid and everything else you need to test racing cars. They are the Octanes and have just built a new racing car for the international Formula Student competition, as they do every year.

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Dr. Silvia Budday receives DFG funding for junior research group investigating the mechanics of the human brain. July 5, 2019 We all know that deep grooves and folds are characteristic of the human brain. But why are our grey cells in folds like this? And what can the grooves tell us? These are q...