Doctoral procedure

Doctoral regulations

The General Doctoral Regulations (RPromO) regulates the doctoral procedure for all faculties at FAU: RPromO

Additional faculty-specific regulations are outlined in the Faculty Doctoral Regulations: FPromO Tech

Please note that only the German versions of the Doctoral Regulations (Rahmenpromotionsordnung / Fakultätspromotionsordnung) are legally binding. The English translations are for information only.


Once you have found a supervisor you need to register on to begin the doctoral examination procedure. Afterwards you will receive a link that will take you to the application form for Admission to Doctoral Examination. Submit all required documents in order to be granted admission by the Office of Doctoral Affairs.

Office of Doctoral Affairs opening hours

Please note: In the time of 30th July till 16th September 2018 the office of doctoral affairs is daily open from 8.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m.. Thank you for your understanding.

Mo & Thu: 8.30 to 15.00

Tue, We & Fr: 8.30 to 12.30 and by appointment


Please note that the Office of Doctoral Affairs needs original or certified copies of all documents. Do not forget to sign your CV!

Initiation of the Doctorate Procedure

The documents for the initiation of your doctoral examination have to be submitted on time, at the latest on Monday, 12.00 pm, in the week prior to when the Faculty Council meets.

Time schedule of the Faculty Council:


Requirements of the thesis:

  • submit 5 bound copies of your thesis (6 copies in case of 3 reviewers)
  • make sure to choose a high-quality binding, not a spiral binding
  • use DIN A 4 format (double-sided is possible)
  • include a detailed summary in English
  • if the thesis is written in English, the title and summary have to be translated into German
  • please refer to the RPromO (see appendix) for the layout of the front and back side

Please submit (irrespective of way of publication) a PDF file of the first two pages of your thesis to the Office of Doctoral Affairs to have the details checked and to avoid corrections afterwards.

Oral Examination

The date for the oral exam has to be arranged by the candidates themselves. Please note that the Office of Doctoral Affairs has to be informed about this date at least 14 days prior to when the exam is scheduled.

Further information

Doctoral regulations and forms for the doctoral procedure

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