Country: Mexiko
City: Mexiko
University: Universidad Iberoamericana
Contact person: Christine Mohr
Office of Study Information and Advice (StIB)
Support: No tuition fees, various scholarships.
Prerequisites: Good grades and the respective language knowledge (language of instruction). At the time of application you have not yet exceeded the regular duration of study for your degree programme.
Type of cooperation: GE4 programme
Number of places: No number specified
Deadline for application: Online application (german, english) up to 1st of December
Application documents:
  • Proof of good language knowledge (“DAAD-Mobilitätstest” or TOEFL)
  • CV in English with photo
  • Certificate of matriculation
  • Motivation letter in English (about 1-2 pages)
  • Transcript of records
  • Recommendation letter of a university teacher (professor) which shows your eligibility for study abroad
  • Copy of your passport with residence permit
  • Non-binding list of intended courses abroad
Procedure: Feedback from StIB by mid-December, then actual application to GE4 via StIB by 01 February. In the case of selection by GE4, you must then still apply to the host university, which always makes the final decision on your admission.
Criteria for selection: Grade point average, motivation letter, language knowledge
Lecture period: End of January – Mid of May
End of August – Beginning of November
Language of instruction: Spanish und some courses taught in English
Experience reports: Currently none available!