Internships and events for female pupils

The Faculty of Engineering offers special annual events for girls to motivate them to study engineering. It also makes sure that there is a good balance between the genders in mixed internships aimed at school pupils.

On the fourth Thursday in April, companies and organisations across Germany open their doors to girls from year 5 and up for Girls’ Day. Various activities are offered by the Faculty of Engineering giving an insight into research at the Faculty. Chairs that run experiments at the event can apply for financial support (e.g. for experiment materials or student assistants to supervise the experiments).

Logo des Girls' Day

In this programme aimed at increasing interest in science and engineering among girls, female pupils from years 8 to 12 can take a hands-on approach to science and carry out various interesting experiments, whilst learning at the same time about the wide range of careers available in the field of engineering. It is always held in the last week of the school summer holidays.

Logo Mädchen und Technik

The Forscherinnen-Camp (women in research holiday programme) is aimed at girls between the ages of 14 and 18 who are at grammar school (Gymnasium). The event hopes to increase the girls’ self-confidence when it comes to technology, digitalisation and engineering. The pupils are given an intensive insight into the engineering profession by working on a genuine assignment together with the University and an industrial company over a period of five days.

Logo Forscherinnencamp

CyberMentor is a free online mentoring programme for potential students of science, technology, engineering or mathematics – otherwise known as STEM – aimed at female pupils in years five to twelve. FAU has been involved in the project since 2011. The concept behind CyberMentor is to give girls access to a female mentor. The mentors are all female and can be either students from the third semester or above studying STEM subjects, researchers in the field, entrepreneurs or women working in science or industry.