Give and evaluate diversity-competent feedback

Date: 21st October 2024Time: 9:00 am – 10:00 amLocation: Zoom

Poor examination results are not only due to inadequate preparation on the part of students, but often also to the fact that students were not sufficiently aware of their learning deficits during the semester. Digital teaching, in particular, presents students and teachers with the challenge of enabling students to measure their learning progress despite social distance. But what do learning assessments look like if they are not supposed to be like practice exams? And what kind of learning assessments are suitable for which groups of students? In this workshop you will learn about the concept of constructive alignment and gain an insight into different ways of assessing students' learning progress in class. You will use these to encourage students to be more self-directed and to gain an overview of the learning process. The focus is always on diversity as a cross-cutting issue. In addition to input from the lecturer, the programme includes peer-to-peer exchange and individual transfer to your own teaching.

Specific content:

  • Applying the concept of constructive alignment in courses in a diversity-appropriate way
  • Selecting appropriate forms of feedback on learning progress


For participating in this course, you will receive 1 AE in area D (Reflection and Evaluation) for the Certificate for Teaching in Higher Education of the Bavarian Universities.


Content: Dr. Susanne Frölich-Steffen,
Administrative: Hanna Stöcker,

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21st October 2024
9:00 am – 10:00 am


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