What is MAP? Prof. Nicolas Vogel tells us more about the master programme and invites to a poster presentation

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FAU Elite Masters Programme Advanced Materials and ProcessesErich Malter Erlangen

At our university, we find a large range of courses in medical, theological, technical and scientific fields, among them some unique, interdisciplinary Master programmes. One of them is MAP – Advanced Materials and Processes. The MAP programme is international and English-taught. It combines the disciplines of Material Science and Engineering and Chemical and Biological Engineering to provide students with a broad expertise to produce and understand the next generation of advanced materials. From a tailored curriculum to provide fundamental basis in both disciplines, the students flexibly chose specialized courses to deepen their knowledge in the areas of nanotechnology, computational simulations, advances processes or biomaterials- and processes. MAP aims at providing a strongly research-oriented education with first-hand experience in the involved research groups where the students are actively involved in the form of independent miniprojects. In the third semester, all students present their research projects at the Scientific Poster Presentation.

In our blog “meineFAU” Prof. Nicolas Vogel, second chair of the MAP programme, tells us more about the programme and the Poster Presentation.

Invitation to the Scientific Poster Presentation

It takes place on 7 February, 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm at „Cafeteria Esslust im Fraunhofer-Institut IISB“ 1. floor, Schottkystr. 10, 91058 Erlangen.

Master’s degree programmes for postgraduate study

As one of the strongest research universities in Germany, FAU offers over 70 Master’s degree programmes. Studying for a master’s degree is an ideal opportunity for graduates to deepen the knowledge from their first degree and gain experience in research. Master’s degree programmes at FAU are offered in almost all disciplines.