International research

International research

Researchers at the Faculty of Engineering are outstandingly well connected, making use of opportunities for collaboration to nurture extensive exchanges of information and to generate valuable synergies. The Institutes and programmes section of the website provides an overview of current joint research projects.

In the following pages, you will find information on support, sponsorships and funding opportunities that are available to international collaborative research projects.

The Welcome Centre at FAU helps international guests and their host professors prepare for and manage their stay. See the page Welcome Centre for International Researchers for more information.

The FAU Graduate Centre will answer any questions you might have on doctoral dissertations, the postdoctoral phase, postdoctoral qualifications and junior professorships at FAU.

You will find information on research funding on the page Services for researchers.

Lecturer exchange

The promotion of the exchange and mobility of researchers and lecturers is one aspect of FAU’s internationalisation strategy. More detailed information is available on the Intranet on the page Lecturer and staff mobility.

Doctorate abroad

Whether you are planning to come from abroad to complete your doctorate at FAU or are working on your doctoral dissertation and wish to go abroad – for further help and information please contact the FAU Graduate Centre.

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More Information about international research funding and research activities at FAU: International profile

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  • Networking during and after your doctoral degree

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