DFG extends funding for collaborative research center 1411

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Developing specific nano particles

Researchers in the collaborative research center 1411 “Product design of disperse systems” have successfully applied for funding for a further four years. This CRC was established at FAU in 2020.

The researchers’ long term vision is to develop material particles with a tailored size, shape and composition. The novel approach followed by the researchers is that the materials are first developed in theoretical models and optimized in view of certain product properties. In the second step, the computer predicts the optimal synthesis conditions to produce particles with the desired properties. This approach turns the typical manufacturing process on its head and promises rapid, resource-efficient access to functional, particle-based materials.

CRC 1411 focuses on the many and varied optical properties of nanoscopic particles that are used in everyday applications such as in light-absorbing suncream or in televisions based on quantum dots, but also in future technologies in the areas of energy, biomedicine and photonics.

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Prof. Dr. Nicolas Vogel