New Women’s Representative at the Faculty of Engineering

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Since 01 October 2023

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Philipp Beckerle has been the women’s representative at the Faculty of Engineering since 12.07.2023. Initially together with Prof. Dr. Bärbel Kappes, he has been holding the voluntary role alone since Oct. 1.

Prof. Beckerle heads the Chair of Autonomous Systems and Mechatronics and is a member of the Departments EEI and AIBE. In his research area of human-centered mechatronics and robotics, awareness and inclusion of diversity is fundamental.

Mr. Beckerle, what motivates you to serve as women’s representative at the Faculty of Engineering?

In my research career, I have met many brilliant women and have become aware of the difficulties they face. Sometimes little things seem to be a problem that, again, many men would not even think about. Also, as a father, I am surprised how often I coordinate and clarify activities and problems especially with other mothers. Our society has definitely not yet arrived at equality here, and that is why I want to work for a change.

What would you like to focus on in your volunteering?

In my view, a key point for attracting more women as (TF) scientists is to develop young talent early and sustainably. I am glad that we are already striving to raise interest of schoolgirls in STEM studies with MachMINT and other formats. Based on this, support for female students and young scientists should then ensure that structural hurdles are removed. In addition, Ithink that diversity should be broadly considered in the concrete solutions, whether it is the needs of international students or men involved in (child) care.

What resources do you see at TF?

I think we have very good funding/support formats and already quite a good awareness, for which I thank my predecessor Bärbel Kappes. Nevertheless, from first semester introductions to appointment committees, there are always points where we fall back into old patterns. Fortunately, we have a very large and, above all, strong team that takes current issues to the departments and raises awareness of their relevance in research, teaching and administration. Ultimately, however, it is up to each and every one of us to remain attentive and perhaps also simply approach decisions with a little courage.

Thank you very much for the interview, Professor Beckerle.

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