New Collaborative Research Center and Transfer projects approved

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CRC 1540 "Exploring Brain Mechanics” and CRC 814 “Additive Manufacturing”

CRC 1540 “The mechanics of the brain”

The DFG has approved the Collaborative Research Center (CRC) 1540 “Exploring of Brain Mechanics”.

The CRC “Exploring Brain Mechanics” is researching the most complex system of organs that exists – the central nervous system. Despite the enormous advances that have been made in the understanding of the (mal)functions of the central nervous system, many of its fundamental processes and diseases are still not yet fully understood.

Researchers at the CRC specialize in fields such as engineering, physics, biology and medicine, and hope to gain valuable insights into this area by working together. They are investigating brain mechanics as the important and remaining piece of the puzzle in our understanding of the development, homeostasis and pathology of the central nervous system, thus creating a basis for improving the diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders in the future.

Speaker of the CRC 1540 is Prof. Dr. Paul Steinmann, Chair of Applied Mechanics. Funding has been granted for four years.

Transfer projects for existing CRC “Additive Manufacturing”

CRC 814 “Additive Manufacturing” at FAU has been investigating how to manufacture highly individualized and geometrically complex components using powdered and beam based additive processes since 2011. Six transfer projects have been defined in conjunction with an industrial consortium of nine application partners, which are examining materials made of metal or plastics as well as laser and electron beam sources. Speaker of the CRC 814 is Prof. Dr. Dietmar Drummer from the Chair of Polymer Technology. The DFG is funding these projects from January 2023.

More information

For CRC 1540
Prof. Dr. Paul Steinmann
Chair of Applied Mechanics
Phone: +49 9131 85 28501

For CRC 814
Prof. Dr. Dietmar Drummer
Chair of Polymer Technology
Phone: +49 9131 85 71001