Shanghai-Ranking: Energy Science and Technology rank 1 nationally, 21 worldwide

Eine Brille liegt auf einer bemalte Tafel, auf der ein Säulendiagramm und eine Glühbirne aufgezeichnet sind. Es lieben drei farbige Kreiden auf der Tafel.

FAU has maintained its position as one of the best 200 universities worldwide. It ranks 180th in the recently published Academic Ranking of World Universities, better known as the Shanghai Ranking. In national comparison, FAU ranks in 11th place.

FAU ranks among the Top 10 in 8 subjects in national comparison: Energy Science & Engineering as well as Telecommunication Engineering hold first place (internationally: Rank 21 and 63 respectively),  Mathematics is ranked 2nd (94). Materials Science & Engineering is ranked 4th (75), Metallurgical Engineering 5th (73) and Chemistry 6th (82). The two subjects Medical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering are both ranked 8th (47 and 89, respectively).

The Academic Ranking of World Universities is published annually by Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Universities are assessed on the basis of the number of most frequently cited academics, the number of articles published in ‘Nature’ and ‘Science’ and the number of the university’s Nobel Prize and Fields Medal recipients.