Starting your degree programme

To help our new students during the orientation phase, we have developed a range of events and services to make it as easy as possible for you to get accustomed to life at FAU.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed many things at FAU, such as the way we give lectures, how we communicate with each other and student life. Of course, this has a particular impact on new students who have not yet had the chance to set up learning groups or peer networks, who do not yet know how teaching at the university works and how to find their way around campus.

We are working to limit the impact of all of these changes on students and do our best in helping students make the most of their experience at FAU under the current conditions. We are currently looking intensively for solutions to these problems, offering online access to the Student Service Centre and providing online guides for important FAU platforms.

As soon as information becomes available, we will publish it here on the Faculty of Engineering website.