Master’s degree programmes

To be admitted to a Master’s degree programme, you will need to have acquired an undergraduate degree (generally a Bachelor’s degree) and successfully pass the qualification assessment process. If you are in the final phase of your Bachelor’s degree programme, you may be provisionally admitted to a Master’s degree programme if you have already acquired at least 140 ECTS credits. The key criteria used to determine eligibility for admission to a Master’s degree programme are specified in the General Examination Regulations for Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programmes (ABMPO) and the relevant Degree Programme and Examination Regulations (FPO). The current versions can be downloaded from the FAU website.

General information about application deadlines and the application process can be found at

The ‘Bachelor-Master-Ampel’ (German) provides guidance on which Bachelor’s degree programmes offered by the Faculty of Engineering allow graduates to subsequently enrol for a Master’s degree programme.

If you have any questions, please contact the Student Service Centre of the Faculty of Engineering and the subject advisors for the relevant Master’s degree programmes.