Degree programmes

The FAU website provides information on all available degree programmes. You can also filter the information according to the desired qualification, specialist focus and type of degree programme.

The brochure on engineering/computer science degrees offers information on studying at the Faculty of Engineering (link to follow). All examination regulations for the degree programmes can be found on the relevant FAU page.

Degree programme  

Taught in German


Taught in English


Taught partly in English

Advanced Materials and Processes (MSc)
Advanced Optical Technologies (MSc)
Advanced Signal Processing and Communications Engineering (ASC) (MSc)
Bavarian Graduate School of Computational Engineering (MSc)
Teacher training in Engineering at Vocational Schools (BSc/MEd)

Specialisation in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science or Metal Technology

Chemical Engineering – Sustainable Chemical Technologies (BSc)
Chemical Engineering – Sustainable Chemical Technologies (MSc)
Chemical and Biological Engineering (BSc)
Chemical and Biological Engineering (MSc)
Communications and Multimedia Engineering (MSc)
Computational Engineering (BSc)
Computational Engineering (MSc)
Electrical Engineering (BSc/MSc)
Energy Technology (BSc/MSc)
Teaching Degree in Computer Science for Gymnasium, Realschule, Mittelschule (state examinations, BSc, BA, BEd, MEd.)
Computer Science (BSc/ MSc)
Computer Science/IT Security (BSc)
Information and Communication Technology (BSc/MSc)
International Production Engineering and Management (BSc)
Life Science Engineering (BSc)
Life Science Engineering (MSc)
Mechanical Engineering (BSc/MSc)
Materials Science and Engineering (BSc/MSc)
Mechatronics (BSc/MSc)
Medical Engineering (BSc)
Medical Engineering (MSc)
Nanotechnology (BSc/MSc)
Information Systems (BSc/MSc)
Production Engineering and Management (BSc/MSc)

Specialisation in Mechanical Engineering or Computer Science and Communication Technology