Information about written examinations during the coronavirus pandemic


  • Wearing a mouth-nose cover is mandatory for the tests. If someone cannot wear a mask during an exam for health reasons, this must be clarified in advance with the examiners.
  • Please observe the 1.5 m distance requirement in the waiting area in front of the examination rooms, in the examination room and when leaving the examination room and the FAU premises. The number of examination places per room has been reduced to ensure this distance.
  • The tables in the test rooms are cleaned once a day with detergent containing cleaning agent. You are free to take further hygienic measures yourself (e.g. wearing gloves, wiping the test area with a disinfection cloth).
  • There is only one access for each test room. This access is signposted and in front of this access there are markings to form a queue with sufficient distance. The accesses to the respective examination rooms can be seen on this map. Please pay special attention to the access to the cafeteria via the Erwin-Rommel-Straße page. The other entrances from Rote Platz or via the MHB building are not usable. FAU uses the tool Darfichrein to collect contact data. If you have not used the tool before, pre-registration of your contact data is possible as described here ( . If digital contact data collection via a smartphone is not possible, a printed form ( can be used. The completed form is kept by the examiner in accordance with the Bavarian Infection Protection Measures Ordinance.
  • Please refer to the information letters sent to you by your examiner before each exam. They contain important rules of conduct and further information. In order for them to reach you, a reliable retrieval of the e-mail inbox stored in the IDM is necessary.

The following applies regarding the processing of withdrawals and re-registrations for examinations during summer semester 2021:

  1. Withdrawal from an examination in summer semester 2021:
  2. a) The examination in question is a first attempt:

You can withdraw from a first attempt at any time via mein campus without giving reasons. You are not automatically re-registered for this examination for winter semester 2021/2022. You must register again to take the examination during the official registration period for examinations in winter semester 2021/2022.

  1. b) The examination in question is a resit examination:

Under the current exceptional circumstances, you are allowed to withdraw from a resit examination. Please send an e-mail to The Examinations Office will then re-register you for the examination in the examination period for winter semester 2021/2022.

If you do intend to intend to withdraw, please always ensure you do so in good time from any examinations you do not wish to take either yourself (first attempt) or by sending an e-mail (resit). This makes it considerably easier for us to plan examinations. Please always include your full name, degree programme, student registration number and the relevant examination number in the e-mail you send to when withdrawing from a resit examination.

  1. Participating in examinations in summer semester 2021:

Under the current exceptional circumstances, you do not require a medical certificate in the case of illness on the examination day to withdraw from an examination in summer semester 2021 (more information is available here). There is no need to notify the Examinations Office if you are unwell. Your failure to attend will be recorded as an ‘excused absence’. In the case of oral examinations, please inform your examiner that you are unable to attend the examination due to illness, so that the examiner is not waiting for you on the day. If you fell unwell after starting an examination and have to leave the examination prematurely, a medical certificate from an official medical examiner is required (please refer to ABMPO Section 7 (3)).