Current information on courses

At FAU’s Faculty of Engineering, we guarantee that all the engineering and computer science degree programmes we offer can be studied.

This means you have the opportunity to complete a full, demanding and interesting degree programme, even in the current challenging situation.

Winter semester 2021/22

The winter semester 2021/22 will be held as an attendance, face-to-face semester with regular occupancy of the lecture halls and seminar rooms, as desired by the faculty.

The currently valid regulations and framework hygiene concepts can be found here:

They state that the distance requirement no longer applies. In return, participants in (teaching) events must provide proof of 3G, wear permanently masks (with the exception of the speakers) and provide contact data.The verification of the 3G proof is carried out by a security service commissioned by FAU for teaching events in larger rooms (a capacity of at least 50 seats is currently envisaged). The lecturers will be responsible for random checks of participants at courses in smaller rooms.
Lecturers and students will receive more detailed information on this from FAU.

All teachers are asked to update the entries in UnivIS by 8.October 2021 at the latest. Students are asked to inform themselves about short-term changes in UnivIS until the respective start of the course.

In those cases where there are overriding obstacles to entry for individual students from abroad at the start of lectures (e.g., legal restrictions on entry from individual countries or confirmed general problems obtaining a visa), those who are affected are asked to contact their lecturers.

For the ongoing exams of the summer semester 2021, the distance requirement, the mask requirement and the contact data collection continue to apply; proof of 3G is not required.


Please contact the Student Service Centre of the Faculty of Engineering or the subject advisors via this link if you have any questions.

More information: Corona information teaching and studying

Summer semester 2021

In order to offer planning certainty for all affected groups, a decision was made on 25 January 2021 by the Faculty Board of the Faculty of Engineering with the approval of the Executive Board of the University regarding teaching in summer semester 2021:

  • All teaching in degree programmes at the Faculty of Engineering in summer semester 2021 must be offered online. Please note that many lectures and seminars will be offered entirely online.
  • Laboratory courses, other practical classes and excursions should be offered online, or an alternative online option should be provided.

Please note: Written examinations are usually conducted in presence. Individual cases may be coordinated with the examiners.

For course-specific information, please contact your subject advisor or the department’s Student Service Centre:

Department of Chemical and Bioengineering – Dr. Anna Hilbig,
Department of Materials Science and Engineering – Rebecca Schuster,
Department of Mechanical Engineering – Patrick Schmitt,
Department of Electrical Engineering – Electronics – Information Technology – Stephanie Plass,
Department of Computer Science – Christian Götz,

For general questions, please contact the Faculty of Engineering Student Service Center –

Further information is available on the coronavirus information website for teaching and studying.

Winter semester 2020/21:

On July 28, 2020 the Faculty of Engineering  and with the explicit approval of the university management decided as follows:

  • The courses of the winter semester 2020/21 for the TF study programs must be offered completely digitally. Please note that many courses will only be offered digitally.
  • Internships and excursions are to be offered in digital form or a digital substitute offer is to be provided.