Corona-related information on exams


  • Wearing a mouth-nose cover is mandatory for the tests. Both before the examination in the waiting area in front of the examination rooms until reaching the examination site and after the examination when leaving the examination site, masks are mandatory. During the exam the mask can be taken off, it may be necessary to put it back on temporarily, e.g. to ask questions. Updated from 19/20.10.2020: Also in exams the mask must be worn during the whole time until further notice. If someone cannot wear a mask during an exam for health reasons, this must be clarified in advance with the examiners.
  • Please observe the 1.5 m distance requirement in the waiting area in front of the examination rooms, in the examination room and when leaving the examination room and the FAU premises. The number of examination places per room has been reduced to ensure this distance.
  • The tables in the test rooms are cleaned once a day with detergent containing cleaning agent. You are free to take further hygienic measures yourself (e.g. wearing gloves, wiping the test area with a disinfection cloth).
    There is only one access for each test room. This access is signposted and in front of this access there are markings to form a queue with sufficient distance. The accesses to the respective examination rooms can be seen on this map. Please pay special attention to the access to the cafeteria via the Erwin-Rommel-Straße page. The other entrances from Rote Platz or via the MHB building are not usable.
  • Please refer to the information letters sent to you by your examiner before each exam. They contain important rules of conduct and further information. In order for them to reach you, a reliable retrieval of the e-mail inbox stored in the IDM is necessary.
  • For the examinations of the summer semester 2020, there are far-reaching facilitations regarding withdrawal and failed examinations, which were laid down in the Corona Statutes in §5 (version dated 04.06.2020):
    (2) For all examinations (with the exception of the final theses, see 4. below) which should have taken place after March 12, 2020 and are now held in the summer semester 2020 (both catch-up dates of the winter semester 2019/2020 and all examinations officially assigned to the summer semester 2020), in all degree programs, facilitated regulations regarding withdrawal or in case of default apply:
    1. 1 Withdrawal may be effected by mere absence from the examination. 2A default is generally considered to be excused. 3 The obligation to present a medical certificate in case of non-participation in registered university examinations is suspended. 4 In the event of non-participation in these examinations, no medical certificate (issued by a doctor of confidence) must be presented – non-participation is considered excused. 5 No failed attempt due to non-attendance will be registered.
    2. 1After the start of the examination, the examination may be cancelled at any time until the end of the respective fixed examination period. 2 This is done in oral exams by declaration to the examiners, in written exams by invalidation of the set task; the given performance is not evaluated.
    3. 1In the event of withdrawal from or failure to take part in or cancellation of the first attempt at an examination, the registration expires. 2 In the event of withdrawal from or failure to take part in or cancellation of a repeat attempt, a compulsory registration for the next examination date will be made.
    4. 1For final theses (bachelor and master theses) the regulations of the respective valid study and examination regulations apply. 2Prolongations of deadlines have been or will be granted as far as necessary; further deviations from the regulations of the study and examination regulations can be granted upon application to the responsible examination board.
    (3) 1The result of a completed examination will always be evaluated. 2 In the event of failure, however, the examination result will be annulled so that this examination attempt will not be credited to the attempts permitted under the examination regulations. 3 However, it is not possible to take a passed examination again in order to improve the grade.