Artificial Intelligence in Biomedical Engineering

The Department Artificial Intelligence in Biomedical Engineering (AIBE) was established as part of the Hightech Agenda Bayern. The traditional chair structure has been abandoned in order to maximize internal exchange and cooperation. Instead, there will be 8 professorships, which will be divided as follows:

Prozesse am Menschen

Research on medical processes, for example in precision medicine or in digital medical care in the home environment Other topics include neurosensor technology, personalized therapy and digital diagnosis and therapy.

Daten, Sensoren und Geräte

Topics of human-technology interaction, for example in autonomous and intelligent data acquisition or in the integration, representation and visualization of data. Methods for bioinformatics and intelligent materials and sensor technology are also in focus.


medical robotics – exemplified by care or surgical robots – and intelligent prosthetics are the focus of attention. The latter area becomes visible in the Wearable Robotics.

The new department will establish a new consecutive Bachelor’s/Master’s degree course Artificial Intelligence (AI). In this way, FAU is creating new high-tech study places for Bavaria and young AI talent for science, business and society.

The appointment procedures are currently underway.

Further information regarding the Department AIBE can be found on its website.